Invivo Workspace is a HIPAA-compliant universal medical image sharing platform with FDA-cleared 3D viewer. Any doctor can easily send a medical image for instant review to another doctor. The recipient can access the image from anywhere and instantly review the image. By using a web browser-based 3D viewer, no software installation is needed to view the image. This significantly simplifies the process of sharing and viewing 3D medical images.

Open Platform

Invivo Workspace provides FDA-cleared 3D web viewing of DICOM data which is the standard format for CT, CBCT, MRI, PET and many other imaging types.

Save Time

Eliminate the need for CDs or USBs. With Invivo Workspace your images can be available for instant review in minutes.


Invivo Workspace uses data encryption and is HIPAA-compliant to provide a secure and trusted platform for medical professionals.

3D DICOM Web Viewer

Anatomage brings it's award-winning Invivo 3D imaging technology to the cloud in the form of a zero-footprint 3D DICOM viewer for instant viewing from any location

  • FDA-approved viewer with measurement tools
  • Web-based so there's no software to install
  • Flexibility to view files from anywhere
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Easy Case Sharing & Discussion

HIPAA-compliant Invivo Workspace enables any doctor to easily send a medical image to a colleague for instant review and discussion. The image arrives quickly and the recipient can review and message about the case through the platform.

  • Secure case messaging
  • No CD or USB required to share
  • Makes collaboration fast and easy
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Open Platform

Invivo Workspace supports the upload and viewing of many standard data formats including DICOM, STL, OBJ, JPG, PDF and more. Support for these open formats allow for a broad range of applications.

  • Share any medical image
  • Collaboration tool for dentists, doctors, surgeons, veterinarians and more
  • Free for basic use
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Fully integrated with Invivo6 Plus

Anatomage's Invivo6 software allows for simple, fast case sharing by direct upload to and download from Invivo Workspace. This enhances the speed and ease of collaboration and allows you to access your scans from any machine running Invivo6 Plus.

  • Easily manage and share files
  • Seamless case upload and delivery
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